- Sales and transport of piglets is the core business
- Handling approx. 700,000 piglets annually
- Exports to Germany, Poland, Holland and Italy
- The unique genetics and robust health of Danish piglets is valued by foreign producers and processors
- A Rosgaard specialty are piglets bred from the Piétrien race
- Rosgaard A/S manages all aspects of the transaction from sourcing the piglets at suppliers to  final delivery to the buyer
- Rosgaard A/S owns and operates its own export stable

Sale and transport of piglets

Sale of piglets is Rosgaard’s core business. We introduce buyer and seller, assist contract negotiation and handle transport.

At Rosgaard A/S, we promote strong relationships between buyer and seller as it ensures quality and stability. This focus has resulted in supplier agreements still in effect which have existed since the establishment of the company. Rosgaard A/S handles approx. 700,000 piglets annually. The majority of these are under standard contracts agreed between buyer and seller. 95 % of piglets are exported, mainly to Germany followed by Holland and Poland. In 2012, Rosgaard A/S also entered the Italian market. On the international market, almost half of the piglets are exported directly from seller to the buyer. The animals undergo veterinary check by the official vet on the farm before departure and only healthy, well-fed piglets are included for transport.

Those animals not directly exported are held in our own export stable and checked by our vet. Conditions are optimal and fully ensure the safe handling of the piglets. The stable is designed to care for the piglets and ease any stress from transport. Preventing the spread of infection through careful hygiene is a key concern in the operation of the export stable.

Danish quality

The Danish piglets are bred from the world famous Danish breeding stock and enjoy the robust health and excellent genetics which foreign producers and processors value highly. Read more under Breeding Animals. A Rosgaard specialty are piglets bred from the Piétrien race. This results in a more muscular pig with a higher meat yield, quality and taste. This race is preferred by many, including one of Germany's largest processors.