Eksport stable

- Rosgaard A/S owns and operates its own export stable
- The export stable can house up to 730 piglets
- Focus on efficient care and safe reloading
- Focus on hygiene
- Good conditions with water, food and bedding

Export Stable with a focus on safe, rapid reloading

Rosgaard A/S owns and operates its own export stable. The stable can accommodate up to 730 pigs with good conditions for water and feed, just like the farm they came from.

The stable was established to make reloading safe and stress-less for the piglets while being effective. Hygiene is a top priority. The stable is designed to be easily cleaned and ready for reloading to prevent the spread of infection among piglets. Effective daily maintainance with approved cleaning agents minimizes the danger of infection.

All piglets are inspected by a veterinarian from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration to ensure the piglets are healthy and fit for transport.

The export stable provides efficient reloading of piglets with great emphasis on cleanliness and good conditions for the piglets.

After every transport, vehicles are cleaned at the export stable’s washing site. Drivers have access to the spray hoses, pressure washers  with warm water, soap and disinfectants. The wash site is roofed allowing effective and proper cleaning of the fleet regardless of weather.