- Rosgaard A/S ´sells strong and healthy breeding stock to countries within Europe
- Purchase of good breeding stock ensures quality and upgrades the genetics of the herd
- Documented pedigree is included with the selected gilts
- The selected breeding animals are crossbred LY - YL gilts from the Danish breeding system -known as one of the best in the world
- Danish breeding gives more strong live born piglets and a high milk yield

We select the breeding animals ourselves

Rosgaard A/S handles breeding animals from the Danish breeding system primarily for export to Germany, but also other countries within Europe. Each breeding animal is chosen by qualified employees of Rosgaard A/S to ensure quality.

The purchase of breeding stock ensures a continuous upgrading of genetics in the herd, thereby improving efficiency for producers.

Good body strength is vital in the selection of breeding animals. The animal must walk well and be strong and healthy to be able to produce many piglets for several years.

All sales of selected  breeding gilts include documented pedigrees, so genetic inheritance can be traced many generations back.


Danish Landrace and Yorkshire - more piglets, more milk

The breeding animals chosen by Rosgaard A/S are a cross of the Danish Landrace and Yorkshire breeds. This crossbreed results in gilts with a lot of milk to feed more piglets than other foreign breeds. One of the key reasons Danish breeding animals are known around the world.

Animals are usually inspected and exported directly from the breeding herd to customers abroad in order to ensure their optimum health and avoid any unnecessary infection under transport.